Thursday, December 11, 2014

"Checkmate! A Vision of a Heavenly Chessboard"

"Checkmate! A Vision of a Heavenly Chessboard"
Lana Vawser, Sydney, Australia
I have had the theme of alignment on my heart all year, and have felt that there is a specific alignment happening this year for the Body of Christ as they seek Him. Alignment in their relationships with Him, alignment in destiny and purpose/callings and alignment with fulfilment of promises and provision.

This is indeed a time of promotion, and the Lord is looking for those who are devoted to Him and what He is doing in the earth. He is looking for those who are hungering for more of Him and living in expectant surrender. He is moving powerfully in this new day.
Strategic Movement
I saw a picture of a chessboard and there was "strategic movement" taking place. I sensed the Lord was comforting His people and encouraging them to relax and rest in Him despite the shaking. There was much transition going on, much change and reshuffling happening, and God's people were feeling uneasy and unsettled.

In the midst of this "strategic movement" that has been taking place, it has brought a reshuffling feeling into lives where many within the Body of Christ no longer feel anything is stable. The Lord is bringing His people deeper; deeper to that glorious place of dependence upon Him as their anchor. This anchoring being the very preparation for what the Lord is about to do.
The Lord is bringing greater purity and devotion into the hearts of His people as they continue to look to Him for all things through the shaking and transition. In this shaking He is removing the things that would hinder the people of God as they move into the new day and level.

His love is so beautiful and great that He wants His people well prepared to move forward in victory. What the Lord is releasing now, the weight of His Glory being released, is requiring greater alignment in the hearts of His people in their focus, devotion and wholeness.
I saw the people of God in different places on this chessboard. Some were already moving in the breakthrough, some still waiting, some slumped down and tired, and some feeling defeated with other enemy pieces standing on top of them so they could not move. In all positions where the people of God were, I saw lines and lines of enemy pieces forming a blockade before them, and it was preventing the people of God from moving forward into what the Lord had laid out for them. (Photo via Pixabay)

Problems, circumstances and hindrances suddenly began arising for many IN the release of His promises to them and were attempting to rob hope and bring doubt into their hearts and minds and this was trying to rob the people of God of the manifestation of His promises He was releasing. I saw as these enemy pieces were forming their blockade they were about to "charge" and wreak havoc upon the people of God.

I then heard the booming voice of the Lord and He said,"REMEMBER, I AM," and as soon as He spoke the whole board shook and the eyes of the people of God suddenly aligned back to Him. REMEMBER HIS PROMISES NO MATTER WHAT! REMEMBER HE IS ALL YOU NEED. HE IS THE ALL SUFFICIENT ONE AND HAS ALL UNDER CONTROL. HIS FAITHFULNESS WILL, WILL, WILL BE SEEN.

As the eyes of God's people were set into Him like a FLINT, the Lord spoke again: "CHECKMATE!" (Definition of checkmate: an act or instance of manoeuvring the opponent's king into a check from which it cannot escape, thus bringing the game to a victorious conclusion.)

Suddenly, the presence of God fell as a heavy glorious cloud of His Glory upon this chessboard. I watched as this cloud of His Glory was upon the board; and once the cloud lifted, I then saw the enemy opponents were all caged. They were brought to a position here they could not escape. The plans of the enemy to bring about any more havoc were thwarted, and in places where the enemy had brought destruction, there was total restoration.
It was the removal of obstacles so the FULL victory of the Lord would be seen in the very areas His people were contending for. Suddenly they were free to move forward in power and all hindrances removed. The victory of the Lord was seen SUDDENLY!

No matter what stands before you, threatening you to move into the promises of God, LOOK TO HIM COMPLETELY WITH UNDIVIDED FOCUS and you shall see the heavenly effects of the Lord speaking, "CHECKMATE," and the alignment you are stepping into is higher than you imagined. You will see what God has done is much bigger and better than you imagined and the unveiling of the "next step" will be unfathomable in its goodness. You will not be able to contain the revelation of His goodness that He has to release to you in this season. You will lift Him higher!
Many Who Lost Their Voice Are Going to Sing Again, and Sing Like Never Before
I also saw many who lost their voice to sing praises to Him again because of circumstances, disappointment, doubt and transition which had stolen their voice. He is coming to meet you! As you encounter Him and His glorious kindness and love overwhelm your heart and refreshes you, leading you back into alignment through repentance and His heavenly hugs, there is an emotional alignment taking place. (Photo via Wikimedia)

There is a wholeness and healing coming to you again. You will receive your voice back. You will sing again, and you will sing louder and give Him higher praise than you ever have. You will see that through this time of transition, He has bubbled to the surface the chains that would have caused great havoc in the future, in the "release" of your destiny. So He has brought you to a place where you'll be healed and be able to move forward into the release with integrity, wholeness, and healing so that there are no major areas which the enemy can come in and bring you down.

You are being strategically placed and will not only sing again, but move forward with tremendous strength, faithful stewardship, devotion to Him with a heart of thanksgiving, praise, and love to and for Him. Your heart is being greater aligned to the Father's amazing heavenly design of YOU. You are becoming more of the YOU He created you to be.

Do not allow bitterness, doubt or discouragement to rob you in this season. Hold tight to Him and know He is 100% good all the time, and everything He does is 100% good. He is working all things for your good and making you strong in Him so you will not be swallowed up by promotion, breakthrough and abundance as it comes, and not tripped up by the enemy or squashed by doubt.

Hindrances will be removed and you are taking your strategic heavenly designed place!


Lana Vawser
Lana Vawser is married to Kevin, and they are living in Australia with their two sons. Lana and Kevin's heart is to see the Body of Christ develop deep intimacy with Jesus and actively hear His voice each day. They have a heart to see people free and walking in all that Jesus has purchased for them as they carry Christ into their world each day. Lana preaches regularly and ministers prophetically, through both the pulpit and the Internet, calling people into a constant pursuit of His heart and hearing His voice for themselves and others.

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