Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I Am That ... I Am . . . Delivers Israel . . . You and Me

To You ~ God's Precious, Valuable, Important and Worthwhile Child,

Grace and Peace to you from God our Father through Jesus Christ our Lord.

It is time to awaken our hearts as we remember who we are and from whence we came.

"First Love" ~ Anonymous

First Love, You are my First Love
You are my God, My King
First Love, You are mt First Love
My heart to you I bring
You found me wrapped in fear and shame
You placed on me your Holy Name
Enfolded me within your arms of love
My God, First Love

I Am That ... I Am . . . is the secret ~ to Delivering Israel ~ 
You and Me.

Psalm 87:2 New International Version

"The Lord loves the gates of Zion" ~ (I Am That ... I Am ~ in ~ 
You and Me)"

Joel 3:21 New International Version

" The Lord dwells in Zion ~ (I Am That, I Am ... in ~ 
You and Me) "

Isaiah 33:5-6New International Version

"The Lord is exalted, for he dwells on high, he will fill Zion ~ 
(I Am That ... I Am ~ in ~ You and Me) 
with justice and righteousness.  He will be the sure foundation for your times, a rich store of salvation and wisdom and knowledge; the fear of the Lord is the key to this treasure." 

Isaiah 33:20,21 ~ The Message

"Just take a look at Zion, will you? ~ 
(I Am That ... I Am ~ in ~ You and Me)
   Centering our worship in festival feasts!
Feast your eyes on Jerusalem,
   a quiet and permanent place to live.
No more pulling up stakes and moving on,
   no more patched-together lean-tos.
Instead, God! God majestic, God himself the place
   in a country of broad rivers and streams,
But rivers blocked to invading ships,
   off-limits to predatory pirates.
For God makes all the decisions here. God is our king.
   God runs this place and he'll keep us safe."

Isaiah 33:24 ~ The Message

"No one in Zion ~ (I Am That ... I Am ~ in ~ You and Me) 
will say, "I'm sick."   Best of all, they'll all live guilt-free."

To every GenerationAnonymous

From the dawning of the world and its wonders
Before the mountains reached the sky
From everlasting to everlasting
You were there through all the time

All my fathers heard your call through the ages
They made the choice to follow you
You were faithful, to the faithful
They found your promise to be true

You have been a shelter Lord
To every generation
A sanctuary from the storm
To every generation

I was born into your arms, O my Father
There's still a refuge there for me
From my first breathe, drawn from your breath
You've been my security

My years go by, before your eyes
My days rush into night
Time would steal, every dream I feel
Give my hope a place to hide
All the days of my life

Let my children know your mercy in the morning
And find your greatness as they grow
May your glory, Be their glory
May your heart become their home

It is time to seek the Gates of Zion!(I Am That ... I Am ~ in ~ 
You and Me)

A place of safety ~ 2 Samuel 5:7
A place of choice ~ Psalm 2:6
A place of righteousness ~ Psalm 9:11
A place of redemption ~ Psalm 74:2
A place of unconditional love ~ Psalm 87:2
A place of favor / glory ~ Psalm 102:13
A place of mourning ~ Psalm 137:3
A place of reflection ~ Isaiah 1:8
A place of learning ~ Isaiah 2:3
A place of strength ~ Isaiah 28:16
A place of gladness / joy ~ Isaiah 51:11
A place of intercession ~ Isaiah 52:8
A place of covenant ~ Jeremiah 50:5
A place of forgiveness ~ Joel 3:21
A place of selflessness ~ Amos 6:1
A place of teaching ~ Micah 4:2
A place of salvation ~ Zechariah 9:9
A place of humility ~ Romans 9:33
A place of deliverance ~ Romans 11:26
A place of communication with the living God ~ Hebrews 12:22
A place of Ressurection ~ Revelation 14:1

Psalm 24:7-10 ~ New International Version

 Lift up your heads, O you gates;
       be lifted up, you ancient doors,
       that the King of glory may come in.
 Who is this King of glory?
       The LORD strong and mighty,
       the LORD mighty in battle.
 Lift up your heads, O you gates;
       lift them up, you ancient doors,
       that the King of glory may come in.
 Who is he, this King of glory?
       The LORD Almighty—
       he is the King of glory.

Prose By Madeleine L'Engle

"Come, Lord Jesus, at the end,
Time's end, my end, forever start.
Come in your flaming, burning power.
Time, like the temple veil, now rend;
Come shatter every human hour.
Come Lord Jesus, at the end.
Break, then mend the waiting heart"

Exodus 3:14,15 ~ 

"I am the eternal God.  I am the one who brings into being ~ I Am That ... I Am," has sent you. This is my name forever, and it is the name that people must use from now on."

I Am That ... I Am . . . is the secret ~ to Delivering Israel ~ 

You and Me.

What is GOD to you?

G iving
O neness
D estiny

Jeremiah 50:4-5 ~ (The Message)

 "In those days, at that time"—God's Decree—
   "the people of Israel will come,
And the people of Judah with them.
   Walking and weeping, they'll seek me, their God.
They'll ask directions to Zion

   and set their faces toward Zion (I Am That ... I Am ~ 
in ~ You and Me.)
They'll come and hold tight to God,
   bound in a covenant eternal they'll never forget."

As we awaken may God's glory resurrect itself in each one our our hearts as we remember who we are and from whence we came.

Because his unconditional love and mercy compel me,


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